Andy Kowalski

Andy Kowalski
Technical Sales Enablement Europe
Vision Solutions Inc.

Andy has worked for customers, partners and software vendors both in Europe and North America. He has a strong blend of technical and business expertise in the IBM i market space and is an advisor, project manager, published author and public speaker. One of Andy’s skills is his ability to explain complex technical topics in a practical and easy-to-understand way to any audience. Andy is currently responsible for Technical Sales Enablement in Europe for Vision Solutions Inc.

Ash Giddings

Ash Giddings is Technical Services Manager at Halcyon Software.

He has worked for some major household names in some of the largest Data Centres in Europe, including, Getronics, Molson Coors, (formerly Bass Brewers) and Mercantile Credit, (part of the Barclays Group).
His apprenticeship was served on the IBM Mainframe, where he acquired his key skills by the following of structured processes and best practice. Later in his career he applied those skills to midrange systems such as IBM i and AIX as well as other platforms including Windows and Linux.
He currently advises IT Managers on how to build a structured approach to the monitoring and automatic management of core applications and key processes to meet the needs of the business, their users and their clients.
Ash is well used to dedication, hard work, achieving goals and overcoming tough challenges as a loyal fan of Sheffield United.

Cesar Maciel

Cé Diniz Maciel is a Certified Consulting IT Specialist working for IBM United States. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from UFMG, in Belo Horizonte, Brasil. He has joined IBM in 1996 and has worked on presales technical support for AIX and Power Systems servers. His areas of expertise include AIX, Linux on Power Systems, High availability, IT Simplification and Virtualization. He has authored many technical documents and redbooks. He is a member of the IBM Certification Board for IT Specialists.

Darin Stahl

Darin has extensive experience leading IT organizations in several industries, including financial services, insurance, and manufacturing.
As lead analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, Darin leads the Data Centre group and is personally responsible for covering GreenIT, Facilities, Enterprise Databases, Server Operating Systems, High-Availability/Mission Critical Infrastructure, and Enterprise Printing.
Formerly, Darin was IT manager for Royal & SunAlliance, a multi-national insurance company, where he managed all IT functions including strategic planning, mergers and acquisition support, and legacy application conversion.
Darin has delivered presentations at industry conferences and events and is frequently quoted in the press.

Glenn Robinson

Glenn has been working with IBM systems since the mid 1980s and has been a regular contributor to the IBMi community during that time. More recently he has been working with customers deploying Enterprise Cloud solutions with Hyper-V and VMware but more specifically with PowerVM and VMcontrol. Glenn is an IBM accredited Power 7 Systems Expert covering PowerVM, IBMi, AIX and Power Linux.

Jyoti Dodhia

Jyoti Dodhia is a Senior IT Specialist in the Power Systems Technical Sales team in IBM UK. Her main focus areas are PowerVM virtualisation technologies, along with IBM i on Power Blades, and IBM i integration with BladeCenter and System x. Jyoti provides technical support on specific client opportunities, as well as education, to the IBM and Business Partner communities. She has 26 years of experience with IBM and has worked on IBM i and its predecessors (System i, iSeries, AS/400), in both pre-sales and post-sales support.

Martin Fincham

Martin is LANSA’s Chief Operating Officer and as such is ultimately responsible for field operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa Martin is a frequent speaker and published authority on trends in enterprise application development, modernization and integration.

Mats Lidstrom

Mats Lidstrom is currently the head of IT at ICE Services in Sweden with the title “Chief Technical Architect”. Mats has worked on a variety of international system development projects over the last 25 years in roles covering programming, analysis, data modeling and management roles. Mats has worked in the Manufacturing, Media, Insurance and Banking industries on S38, AS/400, iSeries, System i and Power i using such languages as RPG, AS/SET, COOL-Plex, Websydian, Java, PHP…

At ICE, Mats has set the IT strategy, been leading the data modeling and the overall technical application solution for the Music Copyright application that was built from scratch. His choice of PHP, RPG and Power i to deliver this project was radical and has been justified as the application has been in production since January 2010 and forms the cornerstone of Music Copyright management for the world.

Mike Ryan

“Mike has been associated with the IBM Mid-Range since 1977 and has made a career in Systems and Data Management. In getting to grips with more and more ways to manage and bring out the most in this unique Platform, Mike has embraced many new technologies, philosophies and methods and is well placed to make comment on current market trends and opportunities. Here representing NiSUG/Common GB, Mike is helping to guide the group in reaching out to the thousands of System i professionals and users that will benefit from just knowing what is available and what can be achieved with this platform. “

Nick Hampson

Nick Hampson has been involved in the IBM i community for almost 15 years, having worked with a large UK-based RPG software supplier prior to joining looksoftware in 2001. His key skills are in the user experience, user interface, interaction and design areas.

Nick has a passion for showing people just what their IBM i applications can be. He presents worldwide on modernisation and UX for looksoftware, and also manages the product evaluation and interface design functions in EMEA and the US.

Niels Liisberg

Niels Liisberg is Chief Software Architect at the IBM busines partner System & Method A/S, Denmark. Besides working with iPad and iPhone enterprise integration, he also is the brains behind the IceBreak server technology for the IBMi. He is an evangelist for web technologies and application modernization on the IBMi platform. Niels has worked with all kind of IBM platforms since 1984.

Nigel Adams

Nigel Adams worked for IBM for over 35 years. Most of that time he worked with Rochester products – starting with the System/3 and System/32, all the way through to today’s Power Systems and IBM i. In the mid-80’s he spent 3 years on assignment in Rochester providing world-wide technical support. For several years he was the author of the AS/400 and iSeries Handbook which was an essential reference document for anyone working with the product. For the last ten years he was a Product Manager across a range of countries, providing support to customers, business partners, application vendors and IBMers for many aspects of the product. A major part of Nigel’s role included new product introduction – communicating on all aspects of new announcements to all of these audiences. Nigel recently left IBM but plans to continue working in the IBM i marketplace.

Steve Bradshaw

Steve has worked in the IBM Business partner community since 1988, the very year the AS/400 was launched. Initially, he worked as an RPG developer on the System/36 and AS/400, before making the switch to Systems Architectural and Engineering in 1998. He was the lead technical engineer in one of the first iSeries Cloud ERP implementations at the turn of the Millennium, delivering a UK hosted ERP solution, to clients spanning thirteen countries, using mutli-tenanted Power servers. Since then, Steve has specialised in Power systems and spends most of his time Designing, Implementing and supporting these fabulous servers. He now runs Rowton IT Solutions and is the Technical Director of NiSUG and their representative on the CEAC (Common Europe Advisory Council) working with Common and IBM to help shape the future of the IBM i operating system.

Steve Close

Steve Close – Technical Director, Utilities 400
Since before the inception of IBM System/38, Steve Close has been at the forefront of development in integration and intelligence solutions. As a recognised industry stalwart and expert, Steve has worked for many different software companies as a consultant and bespoke developer before deciding that his talents would be better served creating cost effective but powerful solutions for the IBM i community. As a result, Steve formed a focused business that we now know as Utilities 400.
Today, as Chief Architect and Technical Director, Steve has overseen the development of a suite of enterprise solutions that have become the backbone products for hundreds of businesses worldwide.

Sumeet Raval

Sumeet Raval has over 10 years’ experience in Enterprise Software Solutions and Technologies. He is currently the Director of Sales & Marketing of the UK and APAC regions for Symtrax Ltd. a company focused on delivering user friendly, fully automated ERP Output Document Management and Business Intelligence Solutions. With responsibilities of a wide territory Sumeet has rich experience of working on many diverse customer project implementations.

Tim Rowe

Tim Rowe has been working with IBM for over 20 years within the IBM i family in Rochester, Minn. He spent many years working on the Work Management portion of the operating system before moving into Web based middle ware on IBM i. He spent over 9 years developing the Web infrastructure for the IBM i operating system. Including HTTP Server, Web Administration GUI interface, WebSphere Application Server -Express, Integrated Web Application Server for i, and Web Service Server for i. He is currently the Business Architect responsible for Application Development on IBM i.