Event Date
20 & 21 March 2019, Berchtesgaden
Event Location
Kongresshaus, Berchtesgaden
Tickets Remaining
3,522 Tickets

About The Event

We specializes in conducting Tech Events. We have all the resources that are required to make every event an unforgettable one.

With simple procedures resister and book your seats in the various events that we conduct.


It Starts With Us

NC Comms Events is a name that can give you the perfect start that you by conducting events that will last in the minds of people for a long time.

The Speakers

Andy Kowalski
    Andy Kowalski
    Technical Sales Enablement Europe Vision Solutions Inc.

    Andy has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and 26 years experience in IBM midrange from System/36 through to IBM i specializing in high availability, disaster recovery, system optimization and database change data capture (CDC) technologies.

    Ash Giddings
      Ash Giddings
      Ash Giddings is Technical Services Manager at Halcyon Software.

      Coming from an operational background and with more than 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, Ash is a commercially aware technical manager.

      Darin Stahl
        Darin Stahl
        Lead analyst at Info-Tech Research Group

        Flying in from Canada for this NiSUG/Common GB event, Darin Stahl is a Lead Research Analyst with the Info-Tech Research Group with 29 years of experience in the information technology industry

        Martin Fincham
          Martin Fincham
          LANSA's Chief Operating Officer

          Martin joined LANSA in 2005 having spent the previous 15 years working within the enterprise software market in EMEA and the Americas.


          NC Cmms Events is one of the best in the world. I have not seen many events. But theirs is something that cannot be matched.

          Curtis R. Serna


          Latest News

          Ten ways to get started speaking at Tech Events


          Speaking at Tech Events is not as easy as it sounds. It is not some motivational talk where you can talk about what you have experienced in your life. When you are talking in Tech events, there are a lot of things that you need to know before standing in front of the microphone. Whatever that comes out of your mouth should be facts and not just information. It is mandatory that you should have some factual backing for everything. In this article, we will discuss the various ways to start speaking at tech events.

          Do the necessary research

          This is the first step and hands down the step that consumes a lot of time. Understand that most of thesuccessful speakers did not start on day one. They attended a lot of events and made sure that they equip themselves properly before taking the stage. Get all the information about the events and the topics that you interested in. Observe properly and capitalize on what is missing.

          Have a good headshot

          There are a few events that will ask for a headshot with your speaker application. Hence it is better to have good shots and layouts for different events. It can also be a great asset for your LinkedIn profile. Some events might edit the pic, and some might post the original one.

          Demonstrate your expertise

          Come up with an outstanding idea, create an amazing product with proper codes, write a few engaging blogs and then zero down to how you are going to present it.   Do not panic if you come across the same kind of topic. The topics might be the same. But the content is going to be different.

          Practice with the proper person

          Practice or rehearse your talk at least once or twice before you get on to the stage. Make sure that the person who is listening is someone who has knowledge about the topic and also Tech Event speaking. By doing this, you will be able to correct yourself and change something if it is required.

          Create a profile in Tech Speaker Site

          There are a lot of tech speaker sites like Eventbrite, Speaker Hub, and Meetup. If you want to become a tech speaker, it is mandatory to create a profile in these sites. When you are creating a profile make sure that you use a proper headshot that gives a professional look. Also, upload some of your blogs which you think is exceptional.

          Apply to speak

          Opportunities don’t come and fall on your laps. It is you who need to chase it grab it. Contact the organizers through mail or text and express your interest in speaking. Make it a point to highlight your works and your experience. In most of the speaker sites, there is a form for sparkers. The speakers who are interested can fill it and submit it.

          Do not be choosy

          Remember the fact that you are just a beginner. So make use of every opportunity that comes in your way. If you feel that there is relevance to your topic then never hesitate. Go and take part in as many events as possible.

          Take feedback

          When it comes to tech speaking there is no better critic than the people who are listening. More than anything their feedback matters a lot. If you are good at something, strengthen it even more. If you are bad at something never mind to go that extra mile to correct it.

          Share your success

          Every time you participate in an event make sure to update your profile regarding the event. This increases your reputation, and there are possibilities that people might contact you for inviting you to their event.

          Branding off stage

          Maintain the same personality of who you are on and off stage. Do not change after getting off the stage. Some of the ways to do it are responding to queries politely, answering Q & A sessions and so on.